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Band Of Ikhwah

Sunday, August 16, 2009 , Posted by sunnahmania at Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look the sky,

Feel the high,

Our friendship,

Above then high,

The strongest bond is blood,

The tightest bond is tribes,

The noble bond is nation,

But, Our bond is beyond horizon,

Bond by faith,

Boosted by sincere,

Fancied by love,

Enhanced by struggle.

Nothing comes between us,
Neither greed nor fame,
Even death, can never spell a break,
As our heart is curved by the verses of the God
For us to come together and never be apart,
In the path of dakwah and jihad,
With one vision, one mission,
For Islam to rise in the universe,
Again, to rule the world…

We are the army of ALLAH,
Marching in the field of jahiliyyah,
To preach the Haq,To encounter Batil,
Bombard the Syirik,
To free the mankind from being enslaved by human law,
To independence submission to the Almighty Lord,

As long, as we take the oath,
To work side by side by the guide of the deen,
With firm principles of sunnah,
It’s ALLAH that binds us together,
The titanic bind that will not allow a scratch,
Even Band of Brothers won’t believe,
That our friendship is greatest than all,

And so the story of us,
The Band of Ikhwah…

By Holyprince.

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